vibrator-sex toy

Sex toys are also referred to as dildos. People have been using these toys since time immemorial. Most people consider these gadgets less harmful. The ancient devices were made from things such as camel dung, wood stone, and leather. Most of these materials were very unhygienic. The current ones are made from different materials such as synthetic rubber. They are cheap to purchase and produce.

porous sex toy

The modern sex toys are well designed to provide rigidity and flexibility. They come in different colours shapes and sizes. However, some of them have specific materials which can harm you. For instance, jelly sex toys have chemicals that cause long-term conditions and reactions. Again,  they are made of porous materials which are much more difficult to clean. Still, the porous materials have tiny holes that can harbour bacteria. This can later lead to bacterial infections. Non porous materials such as stainless steel, glass, and silicone are highly recommended. They are safe for the body, and they can be sanitized easily.

They Are Not Good for Play

Unsafe materials are used in making these toys. These include jelly, PV cans vinyl. Most of them contain phthalates. Phthalates are included in plastics to make them harder and flexible. Phthalates have adverse effects on human health. They are known for affecting the reproductive system. This is the main reason why they are banned in some nations. For instance, products such as children toys that contain phthalates have been banned by the Congress. It is therefore essential to use safe, fabulous materials out there instead of taking chances.

Mechanical Damage

Sex toys are known for causing mechanical damage to the vagina. Tampons that sit inside the vaginal tract can cause micro-ulcerations when inside the vagina. In general, hard sex toys can harm the vaginal cells. Phthalates can lead to abnormal cellular changes or initiate cancer.

Getting Stuck

stuck sex toy

Some sex toys can get stuck inside the vagina. There are some cases where doctors have pulled vibrators or dildos from the rectum. The rectal muscles are known for pulling some items further in whenever they are inserted. This problem can be solved by using toys that have flared bases. Sex toys that have strings at the base can also be retrieved easily from the vagina or rectum.

Getting Dirty

It is estimated that eighteen percent of women don’t clean their vibrators. This might cause problems especially when several people share a gadget. People can ensure their safety by making sure that their sex toys are cleaned with warm water and soap after use.