Recommended Criteria for Choosing ED Pills


When someone hears of erectile dysfunction pills, what comes to mind immediately may be Viagra. Yes. Viagra, together with Cialis, is still the most popular enhancement pill for men, although there are other noteworthy products that just hit the market that are as effective.

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra remain as the only FDA-approved treatment for erectile dysfunction, although they have their share of controversies because of their perceived side effects. But while there are approved medications for ED, they are not over-the-counter drugs that any man can buy. This can be the problem of men who do not want to consult a doctor for their condition. Accordingly, 75% of 6.2 million men with ED are not treated and one of the reasons is that men are embarrassed with their condition.

Another reason men with ED are not getting the treatment from doctors is that they may have found an ED pill other than FDA-approved ED medications that works for them. But when choosing male enhancement pills, it is advised to be wary of red flags, such as brands claiming that they are viagra alternatives. To help you find the right ED pill, here’s our recommended criteria for you to use. You will surely come with the best one for your condition.


pillThis should be on top of your criteria. To ensure that an ED pill is safe, it should be made from natural ingredients. To know the ingredients, inspect the label. Take note of all the ingredients. There might be an ingredient that you have an allergy with. Is the pill gluten-free? Where are the raw ingredients sourced out? Are you sure there are no hidden ingredients? All these should be answered before zeroing in on one brand.


The same is true with safety. The efficiency of an ED pill depends on the ingredients. You may have to go over the ratio of each ingredient form the others. There are ingredients that have direct effects on the blood flow to the penis, while others may have some complementary roles to play.


You can know if an ED pill enjoys a high regard from its past and present users if it continually receives positive reviews. Testimonies from customers can also help in uplifting the image of a brand. However, you should be careful of paid reviews. Yes. There are some sponsored reviews paid by the manufacturer which pass as an independent critic review.

By considering all the mentioned recommended criteria for choosing the right ED pill. You can now gauge which brand is worth your money.

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