Tips For Building your Sexual Confidence

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Having sex can be nerve-wrecking especially for those doing it for the first time. Engaging in this activity again after going through a long period of abstinence can lead to feelings of insecurity. People can experience a long time without engaging in sex due to various reasons including a break up, divorce, failure to meet the right person and loss of a lover.

Most people experience feelings or anxiety, fear and low self-confidence when they don’t have a partner. Many proven tips can help you in overcoming sexual anxiety and shame, creating pleasure-filled intimate relationships and achieving sexual confidence. The following are the proven tips that will make you feel more confident and less nervous in your new sexual relationship:

Communication Is The Key

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Good communication is the key to building a healthy, successful sexual relationship. Speaking up confidently can make you more attractive to your lover. You should let him/her know your desires and needs. Speaking up is an effective way of getting whatever you want from a sexual relationship. In addition to this, you should make your partner feel special by appreciating him or her.

Learning From the Past

Relationships are known for offering a promising beginning. Lovers try their best to do things much better than before. However, things change with time. Lovers should always look at their past sexual experiences. This can help them in identifying things which worked well in their intimate relationships. Getting clarity around one’s boundaries and needs can help someone in improving his or her sexual relationship.

Knowing What Can Give You Pleasure


Many sexologists believe that masturbation is the key to having great sex. It can help lovers in knowing what turns them on for them to experience orgasm and pleasure. Lovers can gain more confidence by reacquainting themselves with their bodies. Individuals who are feeling insecure can easily forget the great or positive things about their bodies. People who want to broaden their sexual experience can read sex-positive books and watch instructional sex DVDs. Individuals can also boost their sexual confidence by working with sex-positive, compassionate professionals.

Incorporating Humour

Sometimes, sex can be more intimidating and complicated. It can also be messy, unintentionally hilarious and embarrassing experience. This is something that can happen even when people are happy. Many people forget that sex is more about fun, pleasure, and connection. Lovers can lighten things up by making this as their reference point.…